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Please call us with questions about our products or for appointment:
Charlie Daughtrey, Jr.  (757) 617-2601  
Jeremy Daughtrey (757) 617-9693
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Quality Square Hay Bales:
Teff, Bermuda, Orchard, Timothy and a few Specialty Mixes
We carry Horse Quality Hay.  
Average bales are anywhere from 45-55lbs.
Teff Grass Hay see below for more information about Teff.

We also offer Special Services for your land:
Custom Cutting and Baling
Commercial Lot/Acreage Cutting/Bushhogging
Seeding and Pasture Maintenance

Licensed and Bonded

You Tube Video of baling Orchard in Suffolk for Client
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Teff Grass Alternative Horse Forage:

Teff is a warm-season annual grass from Africa that is gaining popularity in the U.S. as a summer hay or grazing alternative. It produces high quality, high yielding forage in summer months when cool-season grasses lose productivity. With nutritive values comparitive to Timothy, Teff can yield 4-8 tons/Acre depending on the length of growing season. It should be planted in spring after risk of frost when soil temps reach 60 degrees. Planting depth should be no deeper than 1/8-1/4 in. into a firm seedbed. 50-70 total Lbs. of Nitrogen should be applied per year split applied after each cutting for good production by later cuttings. Its primary uses include high quality hay for horses and livestock, green manure, and cover crop. Varieties available: Corvallis, Horse Candy

Current Hay 

Call for availability and price. We have horse quality locally grown timothy, orchard and fescue mixes. Square bales weigh @45-55 lbs. 
Call Jeremy 757-617-9693 or Charlie 757-617-2601

Delivery available anywhere in Hampton Roads, VA and Northeast, NC.  
Please call for pricing delivery based on mileage.

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